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Wild orca. Captivity kills. Stop the exploits of greedy entertainment businesses making millions on inbreeding, keeping orcas in small enclosures, drilling their teeth, separating families. Preserve our majestic oceans and sea life! Get the facts!

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Orca Mom with calf....they touch one another often to express comfort and love. This continues for two years

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San Juan Islands Wa

~~Orca Whale breaching in the San Juan Islands • archipelago in Washington between the US mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada • photo: Hakan Karlsson~~

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15 Skilled & Sublime Nature Photographers [50 Pics

Whale inspiration for upcoming project. BOX WITH LID

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The Killer Whale, also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family.

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Heartbreaking Drawing by a 13-Year-Old Artist Shows Us Why Orcas Need to Be Free

This Heartbreaking Picture by a 13-Year-Old Artist Shows Us Exactly Why Orcas Need to Be Free

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A conversation. The endangered species are getting together. They have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.

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White Orca.

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White orcas are so rare, there was once only one. Now they are being spotted…

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Playfully Smiling Orca Whale …

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KILLER WHALES (Orcinus orca) - Birth & Care of Young

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