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Party Planning Checklist - This is Jessica's with Fantabulosity. She designs and hosts a TON of parties and this is the checklist she uses.

Useful Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet. Could debate the number of guests per age but still a fun guide!

Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet #infographic

Infographic: How To Plan A Party In 7 Easy Steps  #Party #Infographic #PartyPlanning

Infographic: How To Plan A Party In 7 Easy Steps

This infographic outlines how to plan a party in 7 easy steps. Once the steps are broken down, the stress of party planning can be reduced.

All I need is Mascara and Caffeine, 15 oz Coffee Mug, Quote Mug, Positive…

Party Planning Tool - How much beer and wine to buy for a house party. OMG, that seems a lot! Might ask everyone to bring a bottle?

I routinely scour the internet for the perfect party detail, whether it’s at a one-stop party shop or a boutique, handmade Etsy shop. Today I’m spilling my secrets by letting you in on my favorite sources on the web for party supplies, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Best Places to Buy Party Supplies on the Web