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Tadashi and Honey Lemon, hunnylemxn: “punziella: “hhhhhheeeeeeehhhh ” dying on top of the world ”


Teddy and Victoire. I can't even handle it when his hair is normal colored, its like when he is with Vic he forgets about everything else around him, and I love it so much!!

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NEW OTP HELP (Tadashi and Honey Lemon - BH6)

tadashi taking honey on a date and wanting to kiss her, but she’s always in those heels and he can’t reach, so he keeps trying to get her to sit, and honey doesn’t get it cause he’s like “aren’t you tired from walking, honey?” and she’s just like “nope! I’m fine!” And keeps walking and he gets so stressed and flustered and honey gets worried cause she thinks she did something to make him upset, and he eventually just pulls her over to a rock or something, climbs on top of it and kisses her…

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Kirito and Asuna one of the best relationships i've ever seen in anime. They learn to love each other in a world where only survival matters, but to them this isn't a game, this is life, and they will protect each other until the end

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