Pearl harbor

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This image gives the statistics of the effects from Japan's attack on Pearl…

This image gives the statistics of the effects from Japan's attack on Pearl…

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To my Grandfather who survived that day and all the other Heros who did not.

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Pearl Harbor ~ December 7, 1941 my Al was on his way to Pearl habor and left San Francisco on Dec. 6 on Dec 7th they recieved word to turn around and come home.

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Dorie MIller, a messman in the U.S. Navy was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic deeds at Pearl Harbor (1st African American to be awarded the Navy Cross). ALL HE DID The Morning of Pearl Harbor Bombing was carry wounded sailors to safer locations, move his injured Captain (the Captain refused to leave his post & remained until his death), load machine guns, take control of one & began firing at Japanese planes (He HAD NO TRAINING IN OPERATING ONE). He fired until he ran out of ammunition.

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Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7th 1941. (From Tora Tora Tora)

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Oahu Photos at Frommer's - USS Arizona memorial. Very memorable and somber experience. A must see.

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UNIT 9 - On Dec. 7th 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. US citizens feared another attacked and war hysteria seize the country. Some 120,000 people of Japanese descent living in the US were removed from their homes and placed in internment camps. Life in the camps was hard. Internees had only been allowed to bring with then a few possessions.

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USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) at Pearl Harbor

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Prepare yourself for your visit with this guide to spending the day at Pearl Harbor.

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Pearl Harbor - Movie Promo

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