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Elementary Persuasive Writing? Why? I find many businesses get caught up in the routine of just 'doing' and forget their 'purpose'.   According to many studies, up to 50% to 80% of small businesses fail within the first 3 years. You are in business to make money and stay in business. Communicate your value to your customers. Persuade them that you have a solution to their current problem.   Don't let your business become a government statistic. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. Persuade!
Teach kids different ways to write an introduction to their opinion papers.  You can show them a completed opinion paper that doesn't have a strong introduction, model writing a few different beginnings, and have the class vote to choose one! {From First Grade Writing Unit 4 - Persuasive Writing$}

First Grade Opinion Writing Lessons {1st Grade Writing Workshop Unit 4}

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The 'Writing a Recount Cheat Sheet' is based on the Genre Skeleton for Recounts.  The Cheat Sheet is an easy to use sheet showing the format of the Recount Genre.  A great tool for parents to have in order to fully understand what is needed of their children when writing a Recount, whether for homework or an assignment.

Writing a Recount Cheat Sheet

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