23 Affordable Vacations That Are Perfect For Budget Travelers [ #11, 19, & #23]

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Think you don’t have money to travel? Think again! Here’s some inspiration and budget breakdowns for 40 amazing countries across 5 continents!

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39 ways to travel on a very tight budget

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Traveling on a budget may mean you can travel longer! :)

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13 Affordable Countries That Are Perfect For Budget Travelers

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The 7 Rules of Budget Travel

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Wondering how much it will cost to travel around the world? We managed to travel around the world for $25,000 as a couple. OR Less than $13,000 per person. Read on to find out how we visited 19 countries around the world.

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Don't get ripped off on your international flights! Learn how to save big with this guide on how to find cheap flights for your next trip abroad.

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We’ve been budget travelers since our 20s. In the beginning, we thought about budget travel in terms of hostels and taking public transportation. However, as we’ve become more experienced travelers, we’ve found a whole new side to traveling on the cheap, and one that doesn’t involve sacrificing comfort. Here are our tips to becoming a budget travel ninja!

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How to travel the world even when you’re broke / A Globe Well Travelled

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