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Interactive Riddle Booklets: CVC Short Vowels - Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Who doesn't love riddles? Students make a simple booklet with pouches. After reading the clues to a partner, they pull out the answer card to see if they are correct! Tons of reading practice and fun! $ This set covers practice for short vowel CVC words. Sets with Blends, Digraphs and Vowel Sounds too. Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Phonics Search and Write (Differentiated) CVC Short Vowels Whimsy Workshop

More than just another word search! Students decode, print, color, find, and use in a sentence. Then self-edit the sentence using a checklist! This set covers short vowel CVC words. $ Also available for Blends and Digraphs at Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Interactive Butterfly Books (Short Vowels) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Interactive Booklets: Butterfly Books! These cute booklets are NO PREP because students make it themselves to practice short vowel sentences. Help the butterfly "earn his antennae" by learning all the words on his body! $ Whimsy Workshop Teaching


Short vowels: "Shake it" short vowel sounds poem



Secret Words: SEASONAL BUNDLE (7 Sets-140pgs) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

This is the full year bundle of seven complete sets. Each set includes vocabulary for themes such as Back to School, Autumn, Halloween, Winter, Spring, and Celebrations (St. Patricks Day, Earth Day and Easter) Focus on letter sounds and formation as students "crack the code" with phonics codes. $ Also available individually. Whimsy Workshop Teaching ~ Early literacy

10 Ways to be a Great Student Chart


Directed Drawing MEETS Poetry (Spring) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Use poetry to practice color and number words, digraphs, nouns, verbs, rhymes and parts of speech. Then use the poems for directed drawing tasks. $ Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Phonics Flowers Interactive Booklets (70 Word Families) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Interactive Booklets: Phonics Flowers are NO PREP for teachers! Students sort 70 word families and 350 words in this set. Makes a great home practice or bulletin board display! $ Whimsy Workshop Teaching


Vowel Digraph Chart. This vowel digraph charts will help students build fluency with sounds and recognize important sound chunks within words. These charts can be used as a quick warm-up during small groups. This chart targets advanced and variant vowel patterns (long vowels, r-controlled vowels, variant vowels, etc.)