I wonder if I'm capable of painting something similar to this, only more Midwest....
Milky Way I Peter Doig

Peter Doig: the art of the foreign

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Peter Doig - Pelican (Stag)
He tended to use the radian color to take the local colors away from . By giving the work a high contrast color, with both warm and cold tones, he transformed the natural beauty into a landscape which has the essence of the temperature.

Peter Doig's paintings - in pictures

Peter Doig.  The Architects Home In The Ravine.  1991.
Peter Doig http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/peter_doig.htm

Ken Kiff and Peter Doig: Psychodrama, on canvas

Peter Doig "Grande Riviere", 2001-2002 Detail