CANDY ANTHONY - 50's Tea Length Yellow Petticoat & Silk Sash Size 8 | eBay

Tea Length white dress with Yellow Petticoat from below. Love proper length petticoats and especially from this view.

Bra and Dior petticoat, 1949 & 1951 | Poirette, bra, nylon, net

A 1951 Christian Dior petticoat (nylon net, taffeta, and horsehair net ) and a 1949 Poirette nylon lace bra exemplify the century feminine form. [Image credit: Fashion Institute of Technology,

12 of the best 50s-style short wedding dresses for 2013

12 of the best 50s-style wedding dresses for 2013

Gorgeous Satin Organza Knee Length Party Dresses Illusion Neckline V Back Short Evening Dress

petticoats:                                                                                                                                                     Mais

New 12 Styles Wedding Bridal/Hoops/Hoopless Petticoat Slips Underskirt Crinoline in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Wedding & Formal Occasion, Bridal Accessories

Petticoat  About 1900  This would look great peaking out under a long skirt...Definitely want one

This is a 1900 petticoat that was used as an undergarment to provide volume and shape underneath a women's dress.

Women's Petticoat

Women's Petticoat

women's petticoat Give some extra flair to that favorite dress or skirt with a petticoat. Adding extra volume to any skirt or dress this is just what you need. This goes perfectl

Petticoat-- late 19th Century French  Love those stripes and that this isn't a plain white petticoat.

The timeless allure of stripes - black white striped silk French petticoat, late Acc.

I'd pick green but, Pretty Pink Polka Dot and Candy Anthony Petticoat Perfection!

Pretty Pink, Polka Dots and Candy Anthony Petticoat Perfection!

Oh I do love to hear from a newlywed Bride, who is absolutely BURSTING at the seams with joy at her recent wedding and just dieing to show me all her

misslaneyluck's Quick and Dirty petticoat “tutorial”

misslaneyluck: “ Quick and Dirty petticoat “tutorial”. I decided to do a quick write-up on how I made this petticoat, because I had a lot of trouble fining a tutorial online that I could actually.

1950s Petticoat History & How to Make Them Fluffy photo picture

1950s Petticoat History & How to Make Them Fluffy