#pinkobsession    Betty Alexander Rizzo, known mononymously by her surname Rizzo is one of the main characters in the movie Grease. Tough and sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies, she does not like to hang out with Sandy because Sandy is not tough enough. She smokes, drinks, and does not care what others think of her. Rizzo is also a girl with a "reputation". The girlfriend of Kenickie. In the 1978 movie, she is played by Stockard Channing.

Betty Rizzo

From the movie "Grease"-Pink Ladies: Frenchy, Jan, and Rizzo! - I so want a pink ladies jacket.

Grease (1978) Randal Kleiser. Missing Rizzle & Sandy but I still luv it-MJ


Pink Ladies Pledge | Pink Lady Grease

The Pink Ladies Pledge Poster

"The Pink Ladies Pledge: To act cool, to look cool, and to be cool. Till death do us part, think pink!

Halloween Costume Party/ 50's Cutie

Order pink ladies jacket, black skater skirt, black bandana, white knock off vans with black details painted on!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/465875558/beauty-school-dropout-tee-grease-shirt

Beauty School Dropout tee Grease shirt pink ladies cosmetology Love that shirt♡

I still want a Pink LAdies jacket, dammit. (But the kind that reverses from leather to pink satin.)

I still want a Pink LAdies jacket, dammit. (But the kind that reverses from leather to pink satin.

Shoe Makover: Painted Faux Saddle Shoes Tutorial

Painted Faux Saddleshoes Tutorial at Mom Spark!

Giovanna Battaglia con t-shirt de Pietro Nolita y falda Gucci

Street Style: #NYFW Primavera Verano 2017

Street Style_the pink ladies are saying it as it is - Grease is the word. Saved by Gabby Fincham

pink pink pink - Bing Images  Yes, I was Vice-President, President and Parliamentarian at Wadley Hospital. I loved my volunteer work!  :)

A crunchy fresh couscous salad made from Pink Lady apples and infused with smoky spicy aromas from Morocco. The perfect lunchbox treat!