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#GADISAnnual2017 is out now! Di Annual kali ini, GADIS memberi jawaban masalah kamu seputar 5 big problems in teen's daily life (fashion, beauty, school life, healthy living & gadget world). Penasaran, kan? So, grab it fast, girls!


Karena Jerawatan Gadis Ini di Bully Netizen

Problem: Wide Shoulder. Pengin di-makeover sama GADIS? Yuk, daftar di

Problem: Big Thighs “Sekarang aku jadi lebih tahu outfit yang cocok buat permasalahan tubuhku. Thanks DIS.” kata Rani. Psst, ingin di-make over seperti Rani? Klik! GRATIS!

12 Spring Looks We're Obsessed With

12 spring outfit ideas that fashion girls LOVE


Gadis Mengandung Selepas Pakai Selimut Adik

Be proactive not reactive on Vineyards: Do not wait until you see visual symptoms to correct a nutritional problem. If you see it, the problem already exists and the damage has already been done on growth, yield, and fruit quality. The goal of fertilization is to prevent nutrient deficiencies from occurring in the first place consider collecting and submitting soil and petiole samples to AgSource.


Study links creativity with dishonesty

'Thinking outside the box' can mean more than one thing, new research suggests.