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Story of my life.... lol... Short girl problem

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OMG THAT'S MY B-DAY!! Show some appropriation for the 4"11 nation!

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I hate the fact that it's a " Skinny Girl Problems " picture, but I just think it is funny because I was always made to sit in the middle because i was the youngest ;)

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short girl problems

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Short girl Problems. It's so true!

Short girl Problems.

Short girl Problems. It's so true!

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Perks of being short

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Omg..., me..... I won't swim if I cant touch the bottom and my head above water....

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Girl Saves Mother & Brothers From Fire

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This is just like when people stare because I'm fat. As though I have nooooo idea that I'm fat, and they're sooooo subtle as they stare. If I look at you looking you should know your casual gaping has crossed the borders of politeness into apparent staring. Your mother would be ashamed your behavior, or at least mine would have been.

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Breavley Diamond

Which is possibly one of the reasons I still get carded even at the age of 30. Immaturity lasts forever

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