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Even though its been two years since I've played softball, and I can't play anymore due to medical problems, softball will always be a huge part of my life and I would do anything to step on the field one more time in a uniform with my teammates<3

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Omg!!! And the girl couldn't catch any but when I hit a nice one to short stop the girl just stuck her hand up and closed her eyes and caught it on the tip I was so mad

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that awkward moment when you're staring at the coach as they point in different directions... where do I go?

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the softball situation. Softball problem

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I I don't play softball, but this happens in hockey and netball every time!

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softball problems | Tumblr

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this is srsly me when I come back from volleyball, basketball, or track practice all.the.time.

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So true although I don't have a coach, but people do it sometimes

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volleyball jokes - Google Search

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softball problems | softball # problems # supersoftballproblems

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