My goal.  Half-way there. :)  Love the storage idea, though!

How to Organize Your Handbags and Purses

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These vertical dividers for handbags are a great idea to organize your closet.

A Red Carpet Regular's Highly-Functional Closet

Guiliana Rancic Closet - Celebrity Closets - ELLE DECOR - Glass dividers, adjustable cubbies, and "purse pillows" keep handbags vertical.

Over-the-Door Purse Storage Organizer 10 Compartments Holds Bags Totes & Purses #Imported #PurseStorage

Over-the-Door Purse Storage Organizer 10 Compartments Holds Bags Totes & Purses

Over-the-Door Purse Storage is a space-saving organizer that holds your bags without straining their straps. Many purse storage systems hang the bags by their h


Wish I had a walk in closet with shelving like this just for hand bags and the separate shelving / area for shoes and then an area for Jewelry & then a whole separate walk in closet for clothes ! I can dream right?

Handbag storage ideas:

Cubby's for closet organization - leather black handbag, leather handbags, online shopping handbags cheap *ad (Diy Storage Cubes)

Organized Purses hung from shower hooks - genius!

Organized Purses

Cleaning out and organizing our linen closet prompted many other organizing changes throughout the house. One new idea I'm excited to share with you is a quick and easy way to organize your purses!

Handbag storage handles in the closet

11 Clever Handbag Storage Ideas

Pomeroy Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags - traditional - closet - london - Tim Wood Limited Más

A purse dresser! paint and reuse an old dresser in a new way. store your handbags: shelve your clutches  hang the rest.    I need this in my life!

Paint and reuse an old dresser in a new way. Store your handbags: shelve your clutches & hang the rest.must do with extra closet space for purses & diaper bags!

Go inside fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff's gorgeous closet.

Take a Tour of Rebecca Minkoff's Stunning Closet in Her Brooklyn Home

Purse Storage Options to Buy or DIY | Apartment Therapy

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Bags & Purses

Purse storage for the top of my closet

Let's get organized! new series

Shelving for purses! I also need it to be larger and strong enough to hold the weight of small children (since that's about how heavy my purses are). - leather handbags sale, leather handbags online, fashion purses and handbags