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qualitative research and quantitative research

In my thesis I combine qualitative research and quantitative research, with the main focus on qualitative one.


Qualitative research isn’t as scientific as quantitative methods

Qual_Vs_Quant (I am going to turn a blind eye to the main statement here. It is not a contest between Qual vs Quant - it is about whether we are developing a Hypotheses or are we Testing it.Keepin' it real for my fellow Pscyh students :))

A fair attempt at explaining qualitative and quantitative research methods on an infographic.

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Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research Methods  Follow this link to find a short video that can be used to contemplate the strengths of ethnography in comparison to quantitative research: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/videos/learning-ethnography-from-a-rogue-sociologist

This image imparts a greater understanding of the connection between qualitative and quantitative research methods. The bridge of triangulation is a particularly valuable metaphor.

Lesson Plan in Practical Research 1 | Quantitative Research

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research by dondhonb

Conducting research is not a simple process, and to be successful you need to make sure   that you are proceeding in the correct manner. If you do not precisely follow your plan   you can compromise all of the research, and that is something you do not want to happen! For more info visite http://qualitativeresearchmethods.net

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