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Find out which Disney Princess are you, and which Princess you look like most. Hope you like this "play buzz" its my first one I've made so far. I will be making more play buzzes soon. Also don't forget to comment down below.

Rapunzel  Desenho em lápis branco.. liiiiiindooo!

Toned Paper Rapunzel from Tangled Print by American (California) Artist Brianna Cherry Garcia on Etsy.

Raiponce, probablement un de mes préférés...

Tangled Art Print

Could This Amazing Disney and Dreamworks Animation Art Lead to Four-Way Crossover Movie?

Rapunzel by Marmaladecookie on DeviantArt

my mom (primary school teacher) will have a project with fairytales in her school and asked me to draw rapunzel~ so i chose the disney version because she's just adorable > v < haha and still.

Tangled - rapunzel and fynn rider - concept art - disney wallpaper

Artes de Scott Watanabe para o filme Tangled

Raiponce Fitzherbert

This is Shelby, and she is actually 13 years old. She loves to apply makeup, and is a big beauty gugru. She wants to become a makeup star. She can be sassy at times, but in the end, all she wants is a family. Please adopt Shelby!

OMG!!! This is the most adorable Disney baby EVER. I want my children to look like this

This is the most adorable Disney baby EVER. I want my children to look like this! AND Rapunzel will probably be the ONLY cute baby in Disney. Only baby girl cute.

Raiponce est juste magnifique avec ce toit de lumière au dessus de sa tête. Plus

I seriously love tangled! I love everything about this movie! I love that Mandy Moore plays Rapunzel! Little mermaid will always be my favorite but tangled is a CLOSE second! The lantern scene.