Raquel Welch...one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry to date

Sun kissed boho/hippie girl w/ ombre hair in white fringe embroidered caftan/gown in wild grass--Coachella/Burning Man

Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.

Simon Doonan: What Fashion Week Really Needs Is More Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Roller Girl via Miss Moss - when I was little I wanted to grow up an be a roller derby girl just like her... true

roller raquel

Vintage roller girl Raquel Welch was crowned the ultimate derby bombshell in the 1972 movie, "Kansas City Bomber".

Raquel Welch .... She has always been my inspiration... A beautiful redhead.

Jo Raquel Tejada (Raquel Welch) Actress and Wig Diva (Bolivian American) i can't get my hair to look like this

This iconic bombshell (Raquel Welch nee Tejada) rocked sexy bedroom hair. Hell, she still rocks at age 75. A timeless exotic beauty.

Raquel Welch and Darling Raquel

This iconic bombshell rocked sexy bedroom hair that made girls jealous decades before her Raquel Welch Wig Collection made it easy for women to get the look!

Raquel Welch. Looking good at 73. This woman never ages, she's always beautiful and youthful looking.

Raquel Welch Still Has Plenty Of Va-Va-Voom At 73

"Rocky" Raquel Welch always gets it right. Here in a leopard dress, showing us what years old looks like!

Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch

Curve Appeal A little wave in a signature Raquel Welch style. Long, layered, with a sheer lace front that creates the look of your own hairline.

Big retro hair- i was born in the wrong decade

The Beauty That Is Big Women Big Boobs And Mature — fuckyeahraquelwelch: Raquel Welch -