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Creamy avocado and briny crab make this easy fried rice delicious and colorful!

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The Busy Baker: Old

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I love oxtail for several reasons. The flavours from any meat off the bone is amazing, robust and rich. And what more with oxtail, it comes with lots of collagen! Oxtail is also a perfect cut for s...

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Jamaican fried chciken

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Because I'm just a little obsessed with flatbreads... photo Roti.jpg

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Cassava Cake - Filipino recipe. Check picture of Dark Chocolate Truffle Mochi & recipe on the right side.

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Plantains, ripe or unripe, are a staple of Cuban cooking. And while everyone loves the ripe ones (maduros), no one ever wants to make them. Typically deep-fried, they are a mess to make and never seem to come out with that candylike coating you get at good restaurants. This recipe solves the problem: simply grilling very ripe plantains and basting them with a butter-sugar glaze is all it takes to re-create the good stuff. #Cuban_Cooking #Plantains

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from bali with love Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat.

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Malaysian Roti Canai (Roti Prata) Recipe

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