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ROBERT CAPA / D-Day, 1944 / "It never occurred to me until later that in order to take that picture, Capa had to get ahead of that soldier and turn his back on the action."

Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Near Biarritz. August 1951. A village festival.

Robert Capa. A teacher in a Yeshiva or orthodox learning academy in Jerusalem, reads aloud to childrem from the Talmud, source of Hebrew law and knowledge. Starting at the age of 4, boys study ten hours daily and are expected to memorise the Talmud's 63 tractates.

An outdoor school class for immigrant children in the Parod transit camp (Robert Capa)

1950 Yemeni Jews. Shaar Aliyah reception center near Haifa (Robert Capa)

1950 Upon their arrival at the port of Haifa, new immigrants were placed in a receiving camp of Shaar Aliyah, where they would be housed until permanent accommodation could be found for them (Robert Capa)

Haifa 1949-50 Yemeni Jewish girl in a transit camp for new immigrants (Rober Capa)