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Animal of the day – 07/15/2010 – American Robin

Animal of the day - 07/15/2010 - American Robin

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Robin, aka angry bird (robins are my first sign of spring each year! )

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I used to have a fat little bird ornament I loved putting on the tree...

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Lovely little things! My #interfloramum is not much of a "Bird Person" otherwise these little fellas. She believes that her Dad comes back into her life as a robin when things are getting a little tough. It is v odd because they do always seem to show up when she seems to need a pick me up!!!#Lovely!

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The National bird of England and the herald of Christmas - lovely little birds who peck through the lids and drink the cream from the top of the glass milk bottles on people's doorsteps. English Robin

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American Robin - yes, one of our most commons birds, but if you live in the part of North America that has seasons - most of it that is - a welcome and cheery harbinger of Spring.

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Beautiful Little Bird Singing a Happy Song

Happy little robin More

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The vanishing robins: warmer winters make a redbreat a rare sight

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It is a wonder that Robins survive at all, given that they come back well before there is any open ground.

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Captured in nature, the perfect Christmas card

the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then poor thing...

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