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The Armenian tiara was renowned in the Roman world, it was a way for identifying Armenians, and the Armenian Kingdom, and Kingdoms, considering Commagene (Kamakh). Here are two coins depicting the capture of Armenia celebrated in Roman coins as a grand victory, with the depiction of the Armenian Kingly Tiara, with it's unique characteristics.


The Acropolis of Athens as it would have appeared in the classical (ca. 420 BC) period. The Acropolis was destroyed by the Persians in 490 BC and rebuilt to even greater levels of splendor. Visible are the famous Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Propylaia.


Reconstruction of the Gulf of Baratti (near Tuscany) in the 6th Century BC ~ At this time the city of Populonia had a wall surrounding a lage part of the promontory. At the highest point is the Acropolis.


busy scene at a Roman port


Stephen Biesty - Illustrator - Exploded Views - Acropolis


a Roman merchant ship entering port


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Ancient Greek Artillery Technology: From Catapults to the Architronio Canon A bolt-shooting catapult, Invented by Apollodorus of Damascus, a Greek catapult engineer, for the Roman military.


Haram Hukumnya Muslim Merayakan Valentine's Day Sumber perayaan Valentines Day ada 2 versi: Pertama versi Romawi Kuno Valentines Day = Lupercalia adalah upacara menghormati dewa-dewa Romawi Kuno Isi upacara Lupercalia sangat tidak manusiawi tidak logis paganis Valentine dari segi sejarah nama arti sebenarnya adalah hari nafsu liar. Hal itu diambil dari pengertian kata Cupid = Cupere = Desire = nafsu birahi Kedua versi Kristen Roma Tahun 494 M Paus Gelasius I mengubah upacara Lupercaria…