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St. Giles, Goodrich, Herefordshire

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Pretty Pink Cottage at Belchamp Otten, Essex - England.

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Finchingfield, Essex, England

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Stanton Manor House // Cotswolds, England

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Coventry, England (by elvis_payne on Flickr) I understand that the new cathedral is thought by many to be ugly, but I want very much to see the bombed out remains of the old.

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*Historic Stuff: Lower Brockhampton Manor House, Brockhampton Estate NT, Herefordshire. Hidden deep in one of the valley bowls of Brinksty Common lies an enchanted perfectly preserved half timbered medieval manor house built in 1380. When a descendant replaced it with a new 18th century mansion, Lower Brockhampton with its moat, timbered interior and detached gatehouse was left like Sleeping Beauty to slumber undisturbed.

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Everyday Life In Somerset

Everyday Life In Somerset (Queen Camel is located in Yeovil, Somerset, England)

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Newby Hall is famed for it's amazing gardens, including a water garden, rose garden, some of Europe's longest herbaceous borders and the tropical garden

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Corsham Court You Can Do It 2.

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Lancashire, England. Area where my family is from.

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