Ryan Guzman...aka Jake from PLL >>> holy Jesus I think I might start watching this show

Ryan Guzman (Jake from pll)

Inspiration for Angel Herrera - Ryan Guzman

Actor Ryan Guzman - Eddi and Ryce Photograph Second Life: Real Life Hunk of the Week:

Ryan Guzman. Completely adorable and handsome.

ryan-guzman-step-up-revolution-premiere. that smile makes me weak in the knees!

Ryan Guzman...he's a former MMA fighter and in the new Step Up movie. Double yum! :)

Ryan Guzman / Gallery

Ryan Guzman -- Step Up The Revolution.

OMGawd!!!! He was sooooo freakin HOT in "The Boy Next Door"!!! Besides the crazy shit lol... Damn, you go Jlo!!! Yeeee

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Guzman (23 photos)

Ryan Guzman, you are all kinds of beautiful.

ryan guzman | Ryan Guzman - The Stars Of Step Up Revolution Kathryn McCormick and ...

You think Ryan Guzman can portray a wolf-shifter?

RYAN GUZMAN stars in new drama LoveStory BEYOND PARADISE…

Ryan Guzman (Travis Maddox in Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire}

Ryan Guzman...Jake. Ezria for sure but there's no denying his sexiness!

“Jake from pretty little liars 😍😘😋💦🙌”

Ryan Guzman. Inspiration for Russ Bishop in the "Equals" Series. Buy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Equals-Vol-1/dp/1511978759/

Ryan Guzman plays Jake, a martial arts instructor, in Pretty Little Liars

If there's a Fifty Shades movie, PLEASE let this be Christian. -- Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman Step it up 4 revolution

Ryan Guzman star of BEYOND PARADISE nominated "Best Actor" for Imagen Awards, alongside icon Antonio Banderas. Ryan stars in poetic love story Beyond Paradise, top rated 4.5-5 stars/5 across HD platforms: BeyondParadiseMovie.com

And God created Ryan Guzman.

My name is Alistair Simmons, and I'm a sixth year Ravenclaw. Yes, I might look a bit frightening, but, that only happened because the rest of my family is made up of some not so good Slytherins. I guess that I quite enjoy my studies, like the stereotypical Ravenclaw, but I also have a wild and daring streak. I may or may not be attempting to become an Animagus...

Ryan Guzman, 27 yrs old.

Ryan Guzman stars as the poetic gardener Sebastian in BeyondParadiseMovie.com  Would you risk it all to follow your heart?

Melrose Kingsley, played by Ryan Guzman Teaches Spanish as well as Intermediate and Advanced Reining at Brook Haven. An advocate for the Spanish-Speaking students due to his background.

ryan guzman

Ryan Guzman On Set Of the boy next door damn that face❤️❤️❤️

RYAN GUZMAN. I don't know who you are but DAMN!!

Ryan Guzman is just sporting the so called, typical Hollywood Physique, girls die and even do men yearn for!

Those eyes

Those eyes