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Baby will happy if you give natural and free chemicals soap for baby skin. This soap are contain Chamomile infussed water and oil. Very natural and goof for dry and sensitive skin. Free fragrance. I love it ! Happy shower babies ... ! CHAMOMILE BABY SOAP - NATURAL SOAP - (HANDMADE) *SABUN MANDI BAYI DENGAN BUNGA KAMOMIL* - tanpa pewangi. Bahan utama sabun ini adalah minyak dan butter dari Canola, Sun Flower, Olive oil dan cocoa butter khusus untuk menutrisi yang sangat melembabkan dan…


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Wet Soap, Silky Rose Soap. Custom order, Made by me * Wulandhana Production*

Voila ! Silky Rose Soap, fresh cutted ! #Custom order# Made by me, #Wulandhana Production#

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Archaeology Soap

This Archaeology Soap, featuring 4 unique layers, is handmade just for ThinkGeek. And, as in real life, what really counts is what's inside - which is DINOSAURS. There are 2 plastic dinosaurs hidden in every 3" cube of soap.

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How to Make Your Own Cold Process Soap Recipe

Know how to make homemade soap but haven't yet ventured into creating your own custom homemade soap recipes? Learn how to make your own cold process soap recipes from scratch via this intro soapmaking tutorial at Soap Deli News blog. (Just click through!) Plus there's information on how to use a lye calculator and other valuable soapmaking notes and tips.