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Sam Winchester's "Bring it on" pose. Honestly, he's 6'4". Would you want to fight a 6'4" dude who looks like he has nothing to lose? Yea, nope.

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Sam + leather jacket = Oh yeah, that's why I had a crush on him... (pretty sure they airbrushed his forehead though)

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Its always pleasing to see Sam covered in glitter 7x14 "Plucky Pennywhistles' Magical Menagerie"

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i want to hold him forever, pat his hair and tell him it's gonna be okay. my poor tortured sammy.

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OMG i gonna go crawl in a corner and cry this is so sad

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Sam Winchester. My favorite character is always hurt either physically but mostly emotionally :(

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Sleepy Sam Winchester: Season 1 - Season 8 and both look the same= he is just so darn attractive then and now

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Sam Winchester. His arms are magical. If only he would come scoop me up and take me away from everything...

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NADৡ on

"oh darlin don't you ever grow up" my head just went to this cuz look at him in season one❤️❤️

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