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Art sketchbook gcse sketchbooks

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Finding inspiration from traditional pop art techniques to compose a final structure for Marilyn Monroe. This is page allowed me to also look at different aspects within pop art and use combined colours to create a visual large-scale.

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Try this for research and artist statements.

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Create a series of studies of the same thing - vary the shade, colour, tone, media etc. for each.

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Macro photography and drawing (inks/brusho/charcoal/chalk/pencil)

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I like how they are not the same and each have something different about them!:)

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War: A Personal Connection (A Level Art)

Ruth Beeley: St George's School, Hertfordshire England 2011. Sketchbook page for A Level Art Coursework final artwork, exploring the theme of war. This page is the result of a visit to the National Gallery, where Ruth documented war art from a range of time periods.

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sketchbook art work

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Finding a voice through A Level Art & Design

Development of ideas A Level Art - 100% (A*) project by Emily Fielding, Kennet School

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A great IB Visual Arts project by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

People in the City: Stunning IB Artwork

A great IB Visual Arts project by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

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I like the use of half black and white half colour on some drawings and the accuracy

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Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples

Sculpture and ceramic design sketchbooks- 20 creative examples a student art guide

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