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Code of the Wolf

Code of the Wolf More

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my favorite is the 6th one (top to bottom, start on the left) his name would be Oliver. comment your favorite and what you would name them

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Freedom in the desert by Jenny Woodward

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mustika serigala merah, mustika serigala hitam, mustika serigala emas, mustika serigala, cara mendapatkan khodam serigala, khodam serigala hitam

Words can't describe how much I love horses or how strong , brave , beautiful , and just amazing they are <3

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Black and white horse in snow... by Taber3

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Yin yang Strength Good and bad Moon and soul So meaningful... So deep #wolftattoo #tattoodesign #strenghtsymbol #yinyang

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♡ follow: @cupcakebabexo ♡

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Beautiful Black Horse

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black horse art wallpaper , ,

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Horns; How to Draw Manga/Anime

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OFF-WHITE by Brevis--art on deviantART

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Fera Corda by on @deviantART

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Anime Expressions

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White wolf drawing

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My spirit is a wolf, they my seem to have no eyes but some times you don't need eyes to see what people really are... you can feel it, in your heart.

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Pretty white horses running in the night time surf and waves, enhanced photo.

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Gray Wolf--Artist Unknown "I would LOVE to Own this Portrait <3<3

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