Mit der Liebe ist es genauso wie mit dem Leben. Es bringt nicht nur Glück und Freude sondern hin und wieder auch Schmerz,wir akzeptieren die Schwierigkeit des Lebens, warum dann nicht auch die der liebe. #SRK #DennMeineLiebeIstUnsterblich

Shah Rukh Khan [ "Shah Rukh Khan [ \"Shah Rukh Khan [ \\\"Subi photoshoot for HT Brunch, Jan \\\"Shah Rukh Khan-the best of all times😄\\\" ] # # ] # ] #

Shahrukh Khan

Earlier it was reported that Shah Rukh Khan may become the goodwill ambassador of South Korea. It is now officially announced that SRK has accepted t.

Shahrukh Khan / Filmfare

Shahrukh Khan / Filmfare [ "Shahrukh Khan / Filmfare [ \"Shahrukh Khan / Filmfare [ \\\"I don't know whether it's the white shirt or his infectious smile tha

Shahrukh Khan Cool Photo Shoot

Shah Rukh Khan - the biggest Bollywood star in India and world . He's also created a few other stars along the way and has a lovely wife and two children.

Shahrukh Khan's body for Happy New Year... Like and Repin. Thx Noelito Flow.

Shahrukh Khan Workout and Diet for Happy New Year

Shah Rukh Khan did extremely well for his upcoming movie Happy New Year, as in the movie he will be showing his unbelievable 8 Pack Abs. Well, if you guys really wanna see his sexy 8 Pack Abs then just have a look below.