Shaun the Sheep this is so cute, it doesn't even matter how old you are, you've gotta love him.

How To: Find and Use Pattern Multiples

Shaun the Sheep "Wallace and Gromit" i think this character was made out of clay/Plasticine. For the wool they have used cotton wool.

Love Shaun the sheep! Here is a tutorial to make your very own! Want to give one of these to my mom!

Pom Pom Sheep - DIY Tutorial

Pom Pom Tutorial – Shaun The Sheep. London and I love the show Shaun The Sheep!

10 Easy Shaun the Sheep Crafts for Kids | The Jenny Evolution

10 Easy Shaun the Sheep Craft Ideas for Kids

Must make this pom pom sheep!  Can you say Wallace and Grommit?!!!  I'm in love.

Pom Pom Sheep - DIY Tutorial

Learn to make Pom Pom Sheep, Shaun The Sheep, using pom pom maker. Adapt the same method to make other sheep to complete the flock.