Sheik by Emeraldus. #LegendofZelda

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Sheik and Zelda, by @umeduki122<Okay confession time: I just played OoT for the first time in my life (3DS Remake anyway) and wow do I have a new appreciation for Zelda. I was too young as a kid to be in the N64 club, plus I'm a girl soooo yeah. I knew Sheik was Zelda from Smash Bros, but assumed it was just some dumb gimmick for Zelda. Dang, was I wrong! Zelda was like, one of the only princesses at the time who didn't sit around waiting for the hero to do all the work. She was a BA…

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Sheik. More

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Impa and Sheik, Hyrule Warriors / Zelda Musou artwork by Muse (Rain Forest)

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sheik cosplay - Google Search

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Sheik -- Sheik and Zelda should be two separate people. Just my opinion, though.

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“ Sheik’s costume, all laid out! I’ve gotten a few asks about materials and how the pieces fit together. Since I didn’t take pics of a step-by-step when I was making it… I laid...

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Zelda concept art

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Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 02.06.12 - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

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