Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Silent Hill. This place is full of horror…

i played the demo of the new Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus and i honestly shit myself! Can't wait for the game to come out, so getting it for christmas.

Silent Hill

Started this one maybe last year but lost my progress when my HD bricked. Salvaged the lineart from a wip I sent my fella and actually finished it. That Red Pyramid Thing

Silent Hill nurse...oh yeah that the costume for me!

Probably one of the most intriguing costumes out there, and on my list of what I want to dress as in one of the future Halloweens. Should probably make a holiday makeup board.

Silent Hill: Saga Poster by afullonetouch.deviantart.com

wow all of the Silent Hill characters on one poster. Silent hill downpour, sh: homecoming, sh the room, silent hill silent hill silent hill.

hmmm, Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill... I'd go to Resident Evil

well crap (racoon city is from resident evil and silent hill is where people are trapped in purgatory)