Sigaret(van Lana): "Zij was de enige die rookte, en met het mooie weer hadden…

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Mark and Will came from the house and into the backyard hooting and hollering about something "Hey ladies, mind sharing the cancer?" Rolling my eyes I handed each of em a cigarette. There goes my alone time I thought to myself. I now have three smoking buddies.

~ i have the biggest craving for a menthol cigarette and i literally just had one :( ~

I was the artist. you were the art. I was suppose to be painting you. but somehow I was the one covered in red laying on the floor


Qui troverai un bellissimo portatabacco in pelle portafortuna

Lipstick Stains by Joanna Ference

Valais Blackneck Goat

Joanna Ference - Lipstick Stains Identity is in the details. Inspired by Irving Penn‘s cigarette series, photographer Joanna Ference collects cigarette butts from female friends and strangers,.

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Ella Finex, Hogwarts boys dorm, year taken by Sirius Black with Remus Lupin

Cigarettes..that about sums it up but they forgot "driving", "potty break" and…

pretty much the life of an addicted smoker.

this picture of cole sprouse playing on a nintendo while he smokes & cries off his makeup is very important to me.

cole sprouse smoking a cigarette while playing nintendo and crying his makeup off. Cole sprouse wjat even ARE u, my dude


Carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ are used to create our cannabis genetics. We use the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our cannabis seeds.

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I'm currently in an interesting correspondence with a nun about forgiveness. -Julian Clary

Fuck the weak allah. Fuck the all worthless god. Fuck jesus the rapist. Fuck the child molesting pope. Fuck it all!

Valuable Lessons You Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

6 Valuable Lessons Learned From Dating Mr. Wrong

Wake up youre getting high on your own supply. - Expressive Photography by Jared Tyler

This is Emy from the website: you need…

Chainsmoker for the haunted mind .addicted to chewing gum instead  #StopsmokinginManchester

Girl Smoking A Cigarette Stock Photo Picture And Royalty Free

UKRAINIAN SCHOOLGIRLS AND THEIR DREAMS OF 'CLUELESS' By Kristina Podobed and Anastasiia Chorna Models: Anastasiia Chorna, Nastya Anelchyk, Margo Dostoyevskaya

Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of 'Clueless'

Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of 'Clueless' - Fashion Grunge

Zeus Lores by Gui Costa

Zeus Lores by Gui Costa. Smoke emerging through the open mouth. Smoking as an act of cleaning: All tension and stress goes up in smoke.

Portrait - Model Muses: Frederik Tölke, february 2012, by Damon Baker  Love Damon Baker's work

Portrait - Model Muses: Portraits by Damon Baker Frederik Tölke