Little Big Company | The Blog: Swamp Party by Candy Chic

Candy Chic Styled this Swamp party for her son's Jett's birthday. As told by the lovely Kristy "He requested a swamp party as he loves the show Swamp People and all things alligator!

Reptile Party Invitation Boys Birthday by BloomberryDesigns

Reptile Party Invitation, Reptile Party, Snake Party, Reptile Party Ideas, Boys Birthday by BloomberryDesigns

Silly Snake Dogs. kids would love this supper!

Silly Snake Hot Dogs

INGREDIENTS 1 can Pillsbury® Refrigerated Breadsticks 6 hot dogs with cheese 12 dried currants teaspoon sharp Cheddar cold pack cheese food (from container) Tiny squares of American cheese Tiny strips of red bell pepper

Glow in the Dark Snakes Party Favors

Glow in the Dark Snakes Party Favors