It's that special time of month in every young women's life- oh wait...

I fucking ADORE rational characters who try to uphold themselves to that of an unfeeling machine.and fail.

12 inspirational Spock quotes to live your life by--According to this I am definitely human (LOL).

12 thought-provoking Spock quotes to live your life by

12 inspirational Spock quotes to live your life by. Sometimes the wisest words come from beloved childhood heroes.

100,000,000% accurate summation of that scene.<@kidflash0799 OMG

Thats the face of "well fuck. I ran out of hiding ideas on the last body. Anyone got a lighter?

Spock by AmandaTolleson - This is a painting! I want a print of this and the matching Uhura!

amandatollesonart:Spock by Amanda TollesonFreehand digital painting on corel with oil paint brushes RIP Leonard Nimoy

Aww! Spock will always be adorable, even Spock Prime is adorable and he's an OLD MAN. Teen-Spock's hoodie is pretty cool too.

My student was shy about being a Nerd, I told her I'm a Nerd too so don't worry! She drew me this

Awesome 'Highly+Logical+Spock' design on TeePublic!

A Star Trek Spock t-shirt by Sebisghosts. Legendary Star Trek character Mr Spock is a man of science and logic.

It's so stupid but utterly hilarious

This had me giggling like an idiot<< hahahahaha I always giggle like an idiot! I mean yeesh get with the program!