STELLA JEAN Spring 2013: African print with  Hawaiin and Western influences…


STELLA JEAN Spring African print with Hawaiin and Western influences - big yes for this summer

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Stella Jean is an Italian based designer of mixed Haitian and Italian lineage.she designs amazing clothes using traditional African fabrics and takes them somewhere different all this fabulous coat with oversized print

Absolutely LOVE Designer Stella Jean's new is see fashion show on site....Gorgeous!

African Prints in Fashion: "Stella Jean: "I am half Italian and half Haitian - Haiti is the First Free Black Republic. That’s why I have decided to melt the European striped shirt (colonialist side) with the wax fabrics - but in a style.

Stella Jean Spring 2014 - Details

Stella Jean at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

Stella Jean Backstage//Milan FW Spring 14 - I thought something about this is referencing the Caribbean and then I found out the designer is a Haitian Italian

Pattern mixing done right via Stella Jean (Downtown Demure)

Milan Fashion Week - Stella Jean - 2015 Spring, Backstage*** I have the hardest time with mixing patterns, but I love the look in the middle!