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point - oh I really love this stitch!
A Crewel Beginning:In response to my obvious apprehension RaeleneV, posted the following step by step guide to producing long and short stitch leaves for Design No. 1. You can only reach the same conclusions that I did: the stitch really should be called Long and Longer Stitch. those instructional line drawings we often see do give you a sense of the technique but worked thread shows far more
Jacobean-Pocket-Toppers Embroidery Designs
A guide to the basic embroidery stitches with accompanying illustrations.
I actually have an old pillowcase of my grandmother's w/ this exact pattern printed- need to try this
Emy's Gallery: Silk-Ribbon Embroidery Techniques
Tho I'm passed my previous obsession with white and blue, this still speaks to me.
♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ embroidered autumn trees | Weekend Finds: Another Crewelwork
Flower embroidery day 5: satin stitch flower

Flower embroidery day 5: satin stitch flower