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Male vs Female Marijuana Plants
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cannabis sativa vs indica Cannabis plants have been growing all over the world for centuries and have,like all other species, adapted to their new environments or evolved due to interbreeding.

cannabis sativa vs indica

Anatomy of a marijuana plant. Cannabis plant diagram. Weed Plant Chart: leaves, stem, seeds, buds, flowers, roots.
Seven Ways To Keep Pests Off Marijuana Plants
How to store dried cannabis buds
How to Identify Female and Male Marijuana Plants

Identify Female and Male Marijuana Plants

Grow Monster Marijuana Plants Using Deep Water Culture (DWC)
Look for new growth tips on your "mother" marijuana plant. These will be used to take new clones.
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Outdoor Marijuana Growing For Beginners - how to grow one or two plants on a balcony or in a backyard.
Marijuana growing tips. Including Low Stress Training, Topping and FIMing your marijuana plant.
Flowers-I learned that this was actually Purple Haze, a blue and purple marijuana plant. Ha! I lived in the day and partied with the best of them and did not know this! Thank you Pinners for educating me!