The lone Ronin — ilikehorimono: Thank you!! #irezumi...

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electrictattoos: “Elliott Wells ”

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I am so obsessed with this (artist: Chaim Machlev)

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beautiful orange flower tattoo

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Wuhan loja de tatuagem para recomendar um padrão de tatuagem manuscrito dragão dominador

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Forearmband tat | Forearm band

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fu dog tattoo - Google Search

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Monki Do Tattoo Studio: Custom Japanese Sleeve by Andy Bowler, Monki Do Tattoo Studio

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Have this Buddha and Japanese fish and bamboos tattooed on your sleeve and have a touch of the East. Plus the details in this design simply makes a wonderful work of art.

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Fantásticas mandalas e desenhos sagrados em pontilhismo por Caco Menegaz

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