<b>These teacup pigs are out to find love using their favorite pick-up lines.</b> Even though they could probably win on looks alone.


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I WANT! Matthew is so lucky I can't find a damn pig farm! I want a piglet! And I want it to grow up to be a big pig and not be bacon! It's gonna happen! And I'm gonna call her Daisy!

An adorable mini pig keeps cool on a hot day by eating an ice cream cone under a tiny parasol in these photos taken by UK-based photographer Richard Austin.  I know what I'm going to buy later in the day!

OMG a baby pig eating ice cream is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Libby and her adopted teacup pig Pearl.

2-year-old and teacup pig are the two best friends that anyone could have

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Teacup Pig Eating Ice Cream at a Baby Picnic Table with a Baby Umbrella=love!