Robin from Teen Titans.Thinking of doing this for DCC. More

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robin teen titans starfire i guess slade Robstar epilepsy tw yassart seizure tw flashing tw i will forever love this episode robstar week

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Uhh...hi I'm robin the ORIGINAL leader of the teen titans. Someone broke into the Titans tower and found me and talked me into going here. I'm supposed to look for a person named @sbates1999 ?

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robin from teen titans NOT TEEN TITANS GO!!! totally diff things!!! though same characters O_O

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Teen Titans Robin: I love how he's like a teenage Batman in this.

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longlivethebat-universe: Teen Titans by Phil Cho This is like the Teen Titans version of Robin drawn Young Justice style,really.

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Oh my gosh! When I was watching this episode the other day. I was totally like, "Wth, why is Robin so smiley?"

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Red X from Teen Titans ( Young Justice style)

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Okay so here's the thing Batman doesn't teach because "THERE IS NO DATING ONLY JUSTICE" second of all, Dick believes in the show don't tell philosophy as does Jason.

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