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crackheadparis: “ View of the Salon Carre at the Louvre - Alexandre Brun 1880 ”

Schloss Nymphenburg liegt im Westen Münchens im Stadtbezirk Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. Es bildet zusammen mit dem Schlosspark Nymphenburg und den kleinen Parkburgen eine Einheit.

ROCOCO ARCHITECTURE Architectural details inside Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany. Munich is a Paradise for palace-lovers

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If you’re traveling to Paris, the Louvre should be in your Top 3 (right up there with Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower). It’s a world-renowned museum with a vast collection of art, so it…

Century-old Café Verlet is a short walk from the Louvre.

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Paris, the Louvre.

Paris, the Louvre.

20 Interesting Facts About The Louvre ~ via Paris Weekender

I recently came across a list on 20 Interesting Facts About the Louvre created by The Paris Pass, a sightseeing pass that allows holder to skip the lines at most major museums. I thought I knew everything about the Louvre.

FRANCE...... Paris Louvre Museum.

Louvre Museum Established: August 1790 Location: Paris, France Comprises of works during the Third Republic Persists of over objects 2 Works: "Venus de Milo" 100 B. by Anne Chauvet