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Recovering  from a slight flu/cold left me with not much energy or  appetite. But today I decided that even if I had to force myself to eat, I  would eat well. And that meant trying a new recipe from my Thug Kitchen  cookbook.  If you still don't know what Thug Kitchen is all about, Thug’s foul-mouthed  food lovers want you to talk dirty, eat clean. No more microwave and no  more processed crap. Just healthy, simple, affordable food, made from  scratch. It's all meant to be vegan (something…

Thug Kitchen: BBQ Bean Burritos with Grilled Peach Salsa

Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas by Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen's Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas

#TacoTuesday: Grab a beer and get to work. Just don't get sloppy 'til you're done cooking. |


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One Pot Chili Mac Recipe from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook with beer, beans, pasta, olives, spices and cheese or make it vegan, all in 30 minutes. |

One Pot Chili Mac with Beer

Thug Kitchen 101's Sun-Dried Tomato Carbonara |

Sun-Dried Tomato Carbonara

Thug kitchen asparagus
Thug kitchen -Coconut curry soup!
Thug Kitchen Promises Its One-Pot Indian Dish - One-Pot Chickpea Biryani Is Fast

One-Pot Chickpea Biryani

Ever since we got our hands on Thug Kitchen's new cookbook Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As F*ck, we can't stop laughing—or cooking, for that matter.

Thug Kitchen's Vegan Firecracker Salad Recipe