Tim hawkins

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lol everytime I go for an oil change they try to tell me 5+ things that they found wrong
i went to see him live with my aunt pam in Dothan . he is my fav comedian.
Tim hawkins
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27 Sure Signs You Grew Up Evangelical

Seriously, if you have not seen this guy go do it!! His facial expressions are THE best.
trying to cut down on the old cuss words.... this is for you!!!
Would you want to be here when an earth quake hit?
Tim Hawkins. Oh yes, belive everything the cereal box tells you. Who else will give you the important guidance you need about which cereals are 'magical'??
One does not simple watch tim Hawkins without laughing..  So hard that you can't breathe at points up to five minutes at a time
It might make you feel better... or... you might die. Gotta love modern medicine