Don’t rely on boys to validate you. | Community Post: 10 Important Life Lessons Inspired By Tina Belcher

Don't rely on boys to validate you.

Clark Gregg’s New Twitter Avatar is “I Put on My Bra One Boob at a Time” Tina Belcher | The Mary Sue

"I'm No Hero" by adriawells "I'm no hero. I put on my bra one boob at a time." - Tina Belcher of Bob's Burgers

Tina Belcher                                                       …

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When their glasses and slight bowl cuts helped to flawlessly define their looks. | 13 Times Tina Belcher And Harry Potter Were The Same Person

13 Times Tina Belcher And Harry Potter Were The Same Person

22 Times Tina Belcher From "Bob's Burgers" Was You Having A Crush

Bob's Burgers (Tina's Hell)

Hell Jail

Funny pictures about Hell Jail. Oh, and cool pics about Hell Jail. Also, Hell Jail photos.

Erotic Friend Fiction - Tina Belcher | Bob's Burgers

erotic zombie friend fiction vintage pulp edition print by Stephen Andrade 2016 Bob's Burgers Tina Belcher Chad the Zombie

I’ve got to say, I’m really jealous that ornate graduation cap decorating wasn’t really that big of a thing when I graduated college. And even if I wanted to decorate my hat in high school, I wouldn’t have been able to because we had to give our caps back! But despite my jealousy, I’m a sucker for these funny af caps. I know, I know, this is probably the zillionth graduation cap roundup that you’ve seen, but there’s nothing wrong with checking out a zillion and one of ‘em.

18 Funny Graduation Hats You Would Actually Want To Wear