Tom Welling. Do you need any proof about Jesus exist??? O M G!!! He's gloriously handsome!!

Tom Welling

Tom Welling, AKA, Clark Kent in Smallsville, didn't grow up in Michigan but he did live in Michigan for a time, graduating from Okemos Highschool.I think he is one handsome man!

Clark Kent from Smallville is all grown up now. I miss this show

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Tom Welling Photos Photos - Actor Tom Welling attends the 'Parkland' Premiere during the Venice International Film Festival at the Palazzo Del Cinema on September 2013 in Venice, Italy. - 'Parkland' Premiere - The Venice International Film Festival

Tom Welling- i had the biggest crush on him when Smallville was on tv. He still looks good  ---yes he does <3

Pictures of Tom Welling, Picture Thomas John Patrick "Tom" Welling (born April is an American actor, director, producer and model best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the The WB/The CW series Smallville.

those cheekbones doe............................................................................

My very first celebrity crush, Tom Welling AKA Clark Kent on Smallville.

SMALLVILLE Tom Welling as Christian grey he's wearing the tie!!!:))

Supeeeerboy ♥ Henry Calvins great, but to me Tom Welling will always be the perfect Superman.

Celebrities at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Celebrities at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Tom Welling Parties for Michael Sugar at Toronto Film Festival!: Photo Tom Welling is leather jacket cool at the Grey Goose vodka party for Michael Sugar held at the Soho House Toronto on Thursday evening (September in Toronto, Canada.

Tom Welling attends the 70th Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy

Tom Welling attends the Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy (went to school in Okemos, Mich)

Tom Welling is the most beautiful man alive next to Jensen Ackles.I love watching smallville.Please check out my website thanks.

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