Amanda in a Toyota Van

Roll with Amanda in a Toyota Van — Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

The Toyota MasterAce is a vehicle that was produced by Toyota and distributed worldwide under several names, with "MasterAce" being the name used in Japan. North American markets received the MasterAce as the Toyota Van (VanWagon in early press materials). In parts of Europe it was known as the Toyota Space Cruiser, while Australia referred to the vehicle as the Toyota Tarago (named after Tarago, New South Wales). In Germany, Sweden, Norway and some countries of Latin America it was sold as…

We designed a removable, plywood sleeping platform with storage underneath for our Toyota Hiace van. It’s comfy, it’s warm and we’re delighted that all the pieces actually fit. So… - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for Survival and Outd

Amanda in a Toyota Van

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How to Turn Your Truck Into a Generator

How to Turn Your Truck Into a Generator All you need is an inverter and some DIY wiring