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How to Create a Vignette

Use faux flowers and vintage books to make a beautiful side table display.

Faux flower arrangements as room decoration/s. Checked it out just now, its easy, just like what you do with fresh flowers, but with faux flower arrangements.

PERFECT SUMMER VIGNETTE- And how to create one that will work all summer long


If you are looking to create an effortlessly cozy room, then the best place to begin is with the humble vignette. In decorating, a vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point. I love adding vignettes to my space because they are an affordable way to bring charm, character, and life to any …

7 Tips to Creating Simple Seasonal Vignettes

If+you+are+looking+to+create+an+effortlessly+cozy room,+then+the+best+place+to+begin is+with+the+humble+vignette.+In+decorating,+a+vignette+is+a+small+grouping+of+objects+that+creates+a+pleasing+focal+point.+I+love+adding+vignettes+to+my+space+because+the

into the blue   Courtney Giles, Courtney Giles Interiors

Vintage French Soul ~ into the blue Courtney Giles, Courtney Giles Interiors

Silver and soaps and coral and lavender = bath vignette. Great way to use all the silver trays and trinkets hidden away in drawers.

I like this vignette with the silver tray and urn. Add a candle and some soap with lavender and that's all you need.

If there is something I absolutely love about the Farmhouse Style is when I see a gorgeous Vignette…so I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of Farmhouse Vignettes that will inspire you.  You will see how quickly you can change up your home decor and many time (I do mean many) …

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LET'S TALK VIGNETTES- an easy way to bring your personality and style to any room in your home


LET'S TALK VIGNETTES- an easy way to bring your personality and style to any room in your home

We love fall and the cozy feeling a home has in this beautiful season. That’s why this is the perfect time to redecorate and make your home your sanctuary for reading and sitting with your friends and family. Also, the colors of autumn are magical and will make your home look simply dreamy. Here are …

This fall Home Tour is the ideal inspiration you need to think of ideas about how to incorporate autumnal decor into your home. From the charming pumpkins to rustic foliage, these warm decorations are great for getting your home ready for the season.