Switzerland - Winter 1963, Vogue. Photo George Barkentin - Condè Nast Archive. Vintage ski style.

Photo George Barkentin – Switzerland – Winter 1963 Vogue Three Women in Designer Ski Suits on Slopes – Condè Nast Archive

Valais, Switzerland, circa 1935 View Two Travelbrochuregraphics.com David Levine

/ brochure for valais, switzerland / circa 1935 / collection of david levine /

Created with an art deco style, the posters may look like they were created in the 1930s, but each one is a new design

Retro posters capture halcyon days of Europe's best ski resorts

'Meribel: Winter Wonderland' - by Charles Avalon - Vintage travel posters - Winter Sports posters - Art Deco - Meribel -Pullman Editions

Musings on a Vintage Ski Season « Tripalong

Musings on a Vintage Ski Season

skiing in style, this is exactly how I envision my nan up on the slopes skiing her heart out.