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@Sheri | Pork Cracklins Yoder Isn't this beautiful! I keep day dreaming about that grey chesterfield... Ugh Im drooling

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Love the two patterns together..... (it's not a chair but I don't care) I LOOOOoooOOVee it!

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i'm sick of over-stuffed and poor back support. My living room is not a TV-slouching-lyingdown-veggingout room. I want good furniture that lends to sitting and talking and listening and forming bonds between other present human beings.

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The Designer's Muse: Velvet Splendor More

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Love the gothic-inspired black frame over the mantlepiece

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Great vintage green sofa- this is gorgeous! It makes me want to recline in a delicate silk day gown with a novel, tea biscuits, and glass of laudanum at hand...

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Barton | 3 seater sofa - the kinda style of sofa I would like, would it be comfortable tho?

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Blue Lantern Farm, Alpharetta, GA, has pretty much THIS sofa, ready to be reupholstered. Ideas???Opal Sofa - Taupe Velvet Tufted Victorian Sofa More

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Anthropologie EU Pied-A-Terre Sofa, Judarn. With a gently sloped camelback and stunning tapestry that was dreamed up by our design team, this elegant three-seater is best admired from afar - but with its plush cushions and luxe, cotton-linen upholstery, we reckon you won't be able to keep your distance for very long…

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