Atticus, Welsh Terrier, 2 months Ahhhhh so sweet I'd have one if these if I could x

This looks exactly what our Welsh Terrier looked like at 2 months - their colors change a lot as they get older.

Jack Kennedy with his Welsh Terrier at Glen Ora, Middleburg, VA

1961 - 1963 President John F. Kennedy Welsh Terrier - Pushinka John F. Kennedy was the first president to request that his dogs meet the presidential helicopter when the president arrived at the White House. Soviet Premier Kruschev gave him a dog named

Welsh Terrier breed info,Pictures,Characteristics,Hypoallergenic:Yes

The Welsh Terrier is a vigilant, active, cheerful dog that is affectionate and intelligent. Hypoallergenic: Yes.

Zoro the Welsh Terrier Pictures 1031735

Zoro loves to meet new dogs and people in Austin, Texas. He loves throwing his toys around in circles, being chased, jumping like a bunny

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